Try NeoGames New Go 777 3D Scratch Slot

If you’re back in the swing of things and the New Year is already starting to feel like an extension of the old year, some escapism may be in order, which you will find in the form of arguably NeoGames’ finest offering to date, Go 777 3D scratch slots.

Renowned as one of the world’s leading instant win and online scratch card game developers, NeoGames has kicked off 2012 with a loud bang with the launch of Go 777 3D scratch slots, a highly ‘tweaked’ version of its super-popular Slot 777 game.

Recognizing that scratch card fans (at the online gaming destinations which offer its games) were wild on Slot 777, executives at NeoGames decided to take the game to the next level by adding a 3D component, and I’m here to tell you they succeeded!

Already a winner because it combines slots and scratch card elements, the new Go 777 3D scratch slots now boasts cutting edge 3D graphics, realistic and engaging sounds, and even a novel function to allow players to change machines in between rounds.

Go 777 3D Scratch Slots Best Feature is High Payouts

But there is no doubt that the greatest feature of Go 777 3D scratch slots propensity to deliver big payouts. In this game, every round comprises three ‘slot machines’ with two scratch areas.

The prize area is on the top of the screen, while the reels area is at the bottom of the screen, and if any of the reels on any of the machines boast three matching symbols, the prize depicted at the top of the screen is yours. Easy and as fun as that.

But the best part is that Go 777 3D scratch slots pack an enormous punch in the jackpot stakes because if you’re lucky enough to win the maximum jackpot of this NeoGames’ extravaganza, you’ll walk away with a cool life-changing £200,000 windfall!

When asked about the launch of Go 777 3D scratch slots, NeoGames MD Shay Bar-Josef said he was extremely proud of the game, not only because it was the company’s first-ever 3D scratch slot, but because it is designed for both men and women, and to deliver an authentic ‘Las Vegas-style gaming experience.