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Head of the Genesee

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This Saturday, October 5th was the Head of the Genesee Regatta! This course proves challenging for coxswains and rowers alike for its length and turns. However the footbridge is always an excellent place to spectate and take pictures.

The men’s varsity had an eight and a four. The four took second in their category with a time of 18:51.13, and the eight finished in 20:03.41. The varsity women had two fours and an eight at this race. The 4A came third in their race with a time of 21:02.77 and the 4B finished with a time of 25:12.8. The women’s eight was the last race of the day with a time of 21:09.73.

The sunny weather was enjoyable with a bit of a breeze to make the races a bit more challenging, but each boat raced their hardest during our longest head race of the season!

Head of the Hudson Regatta

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This past Saturday, September 21st was our first race of the season, the Head of the Hudson Regatta in Albany, NY! This is the second time our team has attended this race, and it’s been a great time each year! This year, we were lucky to have great sunny and warm weather to race in.

Our novice didn’t race in this regatta, but our varsity did a great job against the other competition during this ~3k head race, winning two medals! The men’s team raced a four and an eight boat. The four finished second in their category with a time of 11:15.65. The men’s eight finished with a 10:37.75. The varsity women races three boats this year, an eight and two fours. The eight boat finished with a time of 11:14.80. The 4A boat came first in their category with a time of 12:18.95, and the 4C finished with a time of 14:08.17.

Overall, it was a fun day of racing and enjoying the weather in Albany. We’re hoping to return and win some more medals next fall!

Learn to Row Day 2019

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This Saturday, September 7th was our annual Learn to Row day! All of our new recruits came to our boathouse in Owego for the first time to see our equipment and learn some rowing and coxing basics like parts of the boat, how to properly handle a boat and rowing and erging techniques.

After the land training was done, we then had the new recruits take boats out and experience rowing on the water for the first time! Many of them thoroughly enjoyed it, including the varsity coxswains and rowers who were assisting them. We were also fortunate enough to have a wonderful sunny day for the event.

Annual Erg-a-thon 2019

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This past Thursday September 5th and Friday September 6th was our annual erg-a-thon. In this event, the team sets up our tent outside of the Union on campus along with two ergs. Each team member signs up for an hour of erging, and together we continue rowing on these machines for a full 24 hours!

The erg-a-thon is hosted by the team in order to help spread the word of the existence of our club an hopefully get some new recruits. This year we also set up a fundraising link where parents and friends could help support the team during the 24 hours.

Despite the hard work, participating team members always have fun encouraging each other or talking with interested students about our club. Some passerby even decided to give erging a try! In total, we managed to erg a total of 438,560 meters!


This Saturday, May 4th was the last race of our spring season, the NYS Collegiate Championships Regatta at Fish Creek in Saratoga, NY. The weather was cloudy and somewhat chilly, but compared to the last time the team was at Saratoga in 2018 for Head of the Fish, it was no problem.

The varsity women has three boats in the race this year. For the varsity women’s 8, they finished with a time of 7:44.3 in the qualifier, and then shaved over a minute off their first time in the petite finals with a 7:31.1. The 4A grabbed third in their qualifier with 8:07.9 and third again in the grand finals, this time finishing in 8:02.1, scoring a medal. The varsity women’s 4B raced a 9:35.6 in their qualifiers, and 9:39.5 in the petite finals.

The varsity men raced two boats at states this year, the first being the men’s varsity 8, who finished their qualifier in 7:49.6, and then brought it down by ten seconds in their petite final, finishing second with 7:39.0. The men’s varsity 4 had the second fastest time in the qualifying heat with a 7:19.5, then raced in the grand finals, finishing in 7:16.8.

The novice had yet another successful race, with the novice women’s 8 getting third in their qualifier with 8:13.8 and then racing in grand finals and finishing with 8:03.7. The novice women had a pair this year, who finished first in the women’s open pair category with 8:30.2, bringing home a gold medal. The novice men had one boat this year, a 4. They finished first in their qualifying heat with 7:23.0 and then got third in the grand finals with a time of 7:20.2, bringing home yet another medal for the team.

Overall, the team enjoyed an exciting day of racing, rowing their hearts out, cheering on fellow teammates in their races, and enjoying the company of some parents. It was a great way to end our spring 2019 season, and we already can’t wait to be back on the water next fall!