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20th Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta

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This weekend marked the 20th Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta hosted at Les Wagner Rowing Center. It was great to have many crews come from all over to our regatta including Clarkson Crew, Susquehanna University Crew, Scranton Crew, Stony Brook Crew, Oswego State Crew, and Maryland Crew. Our Women’s Pair composed of Morgan Whitney and Maddelyn Kern took first place with a time 08:23.80. Maddelyn then went off and raced two more times in the Varsity Women’s 4+A, qualifying into finals and taking first place with a time of 07:36.60. A good race day for her!

The Men’s Pair composed of Andre Skala and Anthony Caligure qualified for finals, coming in with a final time of 07:30.90. This pair had a long day, completing a total of four races: qualifiers and finals in both the pair and in the VM4+C. Both of the Novice Women’s fours received second place in their heats with a time of 08:30.83 and 09:09.55, respectively. The NM4+ also came in second place in their heat with a time of 09:05.01. The only eights raced this weekend were by the novice crews. NM8+ came in second place with a time of 09:10.86, as did the NW8+ with a time of 07:31.20.

The Varsity Men’s and Women’s Squads each had three 4’s competing across their heats. The VW4+C received a time of 08:43.17, and the VW4+B qualified for finals coming with a final time of 07:45.51. The VM4+B and VM4+C boats both made into finals, completing the 2k sprint with a time of 07:23.84, and 07:19.79 respectively. The Varsity Men’s 4+A also took first place in qualifying and overall in their event with a time of 06:40.84. Their race also included a coxswain switch, with our newest novice member, Calista Nicholson steering them into victory!

Spring 2018 Events

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Recent Races and Events

  • March 17: Annual Team Triathlon
    Congratulations to winners: Dawson Lau (Varsity Man), Gabrielle Wolf (Varsity Woman), Jacob Harron (Novice Man), Megha Patel (Novice Woman) and Estefania Herrera (Coxswain)
  • March 24: John J. McKenna IV 5K
  • March 30-April 7: Spring Training 2018 in Camp Bob Cooper, South Carolina
    [click here for a recap]
  • April 14: 20th Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta – Owego, NY
  • April 21: Jim Schaab Memorial Regatta – Buffalo, NY

Upcoming Races and Events

  • April 28: Metropolitan Regatta – New Rochelle, NY
  • May 5: NY State Championships – Saratoga Springs, NY
  • May 6: Spring 2018 Banquet – Binghamton, NY
    Team members only- Holiday Inn at 5pm

Click on each regatta name to learn more information about each of them

Winter Training Spring 2018

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Winter Training

-Victoria Osuchowski

After a successful Fall Season, with both the Varsity Women and Men bringing home medals, the team has jumped head first into winter training. Though we’re all counting down the days until the weather warms up enough for a return to water practices, in the meantime you can find our rowers getting their meters in on campus.

The great thing about Winter Training is the equal focus on physical and mental growth that allows our team members to come back stronger, faster, and more determined in the Spring Season. Whether it be practices in our erg room, running miles around campus, or everyones favorite challenge of completing Library Tower Tuesdays (a quick run up and down 150 flights of stairs), the team is hard at work to ensure we can hold our own at Spring regattas.

Looking forward, the team is only 2 months away from Spring Training in sunny Summerton, South Carolina where the team will be able to translate all our Winter Training progress into our boats.

Welcome Back Binghamton Rowing!

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Welcome Back Binghamton Rowing!

After a few weeks at home, we are ready to jump back into winter training. This is the time where we can be productive and keep ourselves in shape for a strong season ahead of us. First, we want to welcome all of our new novice members. Winter training can be tough, but if you stick through it with your teammates, it can all be worth it when you’re sitting at the catch in a boat, ready to pull through every stroke with your crew.

In addition, as we gear into the back-end of our land training days, I’d like to thank all of our wonderful alumni, parents, and families that help us throughout the entire year. Even while we are in the offseason, the love and support never stop flowing and the team would like to extend an enormous “_Thank You_”!

On that note, we have a ton of exciting races just ahead of us so be sure to mark those calendars as soon as those dates are added to our website! If you are dying to catch the team before then, be sure to check out our McKenna 5k race/walk coming up on March 24th.

Finally, congratulations to our new Executive Board! All seven of you now have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on this wonderful team. I hope to see great things from you in the coming weeks and after my stay here is over.

That’s all for now, see you in the spring!

Back-to-Back Wins at Genesee!

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Head of the Genesee 2017

Rochester, NY

October 7th, 2017

On Saturday, October 7th, Binghamton Rowing traveled to Rochester, NY to participate at the Head of the Genesee Regatta. The course was a 5.2k head race characterized by bridges and scenery from the Genesee Valley Park. Crews from all over New York State and parts of Pennsylvania were present including competitive teams such as Ithaca, Clarkson, RIT, Hamilton, and the University of Rochester to name a few.

Racing began with the Men’s Open 4+ event in which Binghamton Rowing had two boats racing. The Men’s A 4+ started the regatta being the first boat to cross the starting line. The boat won gold against some stiff competition, coming in 1st with a time of 18:18.04 over the 5k course and with the second boat placing well in 12th place with a time of 19:43.08. Following the Men’s Open 4+ event, the Women’s Open 4+ event started with representation from one Binghamton boat returning this year with the fastest seed for the race. The Women’s 4+ blew the competition out of the water winning 1st place and beating all other women’s 4+ boats with a time of 20:34.14. For the second year in a row, both the Men’s and Women’s fours swept the competition in their events, a big accomplishment for both squads and for Binghamton Rowing.

Next, in the Men’s Collegiate 8+ event, Binghamton placed in 6th with a time of 18:31.79. This was Morgan Eyler’s debut race as a coxswain for the men’s squad, Great Job Morgan! To finish the day, two boats raced representing Binghamton in the Women’s Collegiate 8+ 1V and 2V events. The first Women’s 8+ crossed the line in 10th place with a time of 21:18.72. The second Binghamton Women’s 8+ raced well in the 2V event coming across the line in 5th with a time of 21:34.99. Great racing was done by all.

Binghamton Rowing will be competing at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA on October 22nd in hopes of retaining up to 3 bids this year.