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Head of the Fish

Posted by Public Relations Executive at Dec 4, 2018 8:05AM PST ( 0 Comments )

At this years Head of the Fish held in Saratoga Springs, NY our team faced rain, sleet, and high winds, very different conditions from those usually seen at one of our teams favorite regattas. Instead of dressing in costumes for Halloween, everyone was bundled up in layers and ponchos.

Regardless of the conditions, our boats gave the race their all. The Varsity Mens 8 finished with a time of 12:53.14 and the Varsity Womens 8 A crossed the finish line with a time of 13:18.91 with the Womens 8 B following closely behind with a time of 13:48.18.

Our Varsity Mens 4+ boat came in 13th out of 36 with a time of 12:1.64 just milliseconds off of Amherst College’s A boat. And lastly, our Novice Womens 4+ braved the difficult conditions at their first regatta and finished with a time of 15:50.68.

Head of the Genesee

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This past weekend the Binghamton Rowing Team headed to Rochester to take part in the Head of the Genesee Regatta. Though the day started out with a downpour and an hour long delay due to thunderstorms, by the time our first mens 4+ boat was launching the sun came out and foreshadowed an exciting day of racing.

The Binghamton Mens 4A placed in 5th with a time of 17:14.31 behind a sweep of Clarkston and St. Lawrence mens 4 entries. The Womens 4+ A came in 8th place with a time of 19:06.61 and the Womens 4+ B followed with a time of 19:58.73.

In the 1V 8+ category, the Mens boat finished with a time of 18:01.25 and the womens 1V 8+ finished with a time of 17:34.81.

After a week of battling river flooding and fog, all 5 entries held their own at the regatta regardless of the fact that the team was unable to get on the water the week prior. Now with natural variables out of the way, we’re excited to get back into boats and get to work.

Head of the Hudson Regatta

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The Binghamton Rowing Team started it’s racing season off with 3 medals this past weekend at the Head of the Hudson Regatta in Albany, NY. This course offered a new challenge to rowers and coxswains alike because of its unique 3.2K distance.

The Varsity Mens 4+ boat fell just half a second short of a first place finish to Skidmore with a time of 10:46.12. The Varsity Womens 4+ boat scored their own second place finish with a time of 12:05.55. And last but not least, the Varsity Womens 8+ secured a third place finish behind Union College and Skidmore with a time of 12:36.28.

With a successful start to the season and no lack of determination from our team members we’re excited to see how far Binghamton will go within the coming months.

Learn To Row Day

Posted by Public Relations Executive at Sep 20, 2018 11:13AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

This past Saturday the Binghamton Rowing Team held its annual Learn to Row Day, inviting new rowers and coxswains to our boathouse to teach them some of the basics.

We gave our Novices a taste of both water and land practices by splitting the day between rowing and erging. We saw some excitingly low splits during our erg relays and a lot of focused learning in the boats; the perfect combination for a successful Novice Team.

There’s nothing quite like the moment you fall in love with rowing and a lot of our current team members attribute their Learn to Row Days to what hooked them on the sport. We hope that the current Novice feel the same way!

Annual Erg-A-Thon

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This past week our Varsity Members started the season off by completing our annual 24 hour Erg-A-Thon. The team erged just over 600,000 meters on two ergs set up on the Binghamton University campus spine. Rowers signed up for an “hour of power” between the hours of noon on Thursday September 13th to noon on Friday September 14th with some rowers, like Varsity Man Joe Bourque, who completed a marathon row, erging for multiple hours at a time.

The Erg-A-Thon not only encourages our rowers to hop back onto ergs after a summer of cross training, but it also brings attention to the team. Whether it was students stopping to sign up for our listserv or encouraging our sweaty rowers in the heat the Erg-A-Thon helps the team continue to make a name for itself on campus.