Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta

Posted by Public Relations Executive on Nov 13 2019 at 03:00PM PST

Sunday, November 10th was the Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta in Pennsauken, NJ. The weekend was busy, with the Frostbite Regatta taking place the day before. The weather was slightly warmer than the previous day, but a little more cloudy and windy, which made racing a little more difficult than usual.

The novice men raced an eight on Sunday as well. They finished with a time of 8:32.52. The novice women had both of their eights. The 8A got 8:31.74, and the 8B got 9:56.58.

The varsity women had an eight and two fours. The eight time was 8:25.37. The 4A finished in 8:36.3, and the 4B finished in 9:02.12. The varsity men had a four and an eight. The four finished with a time of 7:16.37, and the eight got 7:45.84.


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