Head of the Fish

Posted by Public Relations Executive on Oct 27 2019 at 03:26PM PDT

This Saturday October 26th was Head of the Fish in Saratoga Springs, NY! Although it was a long day overall, it went by quick with all the races our team was participating in. The varsity squad was excited to finally go to a race with our new novice squad! It was also the very first race our novices have participated in!

The varsity men raced two fours and an eight at the race this year. The 4A finished with a time of 12:08.96 and the 4B with 13:57.23. The eight finished with a time of 12:36.2. The novice men raced a four and an eight. The four finished in 15:19.66 and the eight received a time of 15:59.49.

The varsity women raced two fours and an eight as well. The 4A got a time of 13:36.81 and the 4B 14:59.32. The varsity women 8 finished with a time of 13:50.75. The novice women raced three boats this year! Their four finished in 15:45.6. They had two eights: the 8A finished with 14:35.55 and the 8B in 17:37.48.

Overall, it was a fun day with great weather. Some of our boats had some fun with dressing up in costumes for Halloween as well! The whole team also enjoyed being all together for a race!


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