Head of the Hudson Regatta

Posted by Public Relations Executive on Sep 23 2019 at 01:22PM PDT

This past Saturday, September 21st was our first race of the season, the Head of the Hudson Regatta in Albany, NY! This is the second time our team has attended this race, and it’s been a great time each year! This year, we were lucky to have great sunny and warm weather to race in.

Our novice didn’t race in this regatta, but our varsity did a great job against the other competition during this ~3k head race, winning two medals! The men’s team raced a four and an eight boat. The four finished second in their category with a time of 11:15.65. The men’s eight finished with a 10:37.75. The varsity women races three boats this year, an eight and two fours. The eight boat finished with a time of 11:14.80. The 4A boat came first in their category with a time of 12:18.95, and the 4C finished with a time of 14:08.17.

Overall, it was a fun day of racing and enjoying the weather in Albany. We’re hoping to return and win some more medals next fall!


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