21st Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta

Posted by Public Relations Executive on Apr 15 2019 at 06:31PM PDT

This past Saturday April 13th was the 21st Annual Busfield Memorial Regatta hosted by Binghamton Rowing at the Les Wagner Rowing Center, located in Owego, NY. Teams in attendance this year included Skidmore, Susquehanna, Clarkson, Oswego, Stony Brook, Scranton, Maryland, and one entry from LeMoyne. Athletes and spectators alike enjoyed the warm seventy-degree weather and the occasional period of sunshine on race day. During races, rowers braved some harsher-than-usual wind conditions on the Susquehanna River.

This year, our team had at least one entry in every category except the women’s open 2-. The Binghamton Men’s open 2- placed first with a time of 07:47.0. The varsity men’s 8+ also received first place in their heat, finishing at 07:20.0. The varsity men’s fours, the A4+ and B4+, finished second and third in their heats, with times of 7:45.0 and 9:48.0.

The varsity women’s squad had five entries this year. The varsity women’s A8+ and B8+ both finished second in their heats, with times of 07:30.0 and 07:58.0. Later in the day, the varsity women’s A4+ finished first in their heat at 8:56.0, with the B4+ and C4+ coming third in their heats with times of 8:26.0 and 9:28.0.

Our novice squads had a great race this year, with both the novice women’s and men’s 4+ coming first in their heats. The novice men’s four finished in 7:17.0 minutes, and the novice women’s four finished in 8:11.0 minutes. The novice squads also had an 8+ each, both of which finished second in their heats. The men’s 8+ finished with a 7:27.0 and the women’s 8+ finished in 8:18.0 minutes.

The warm weather brought high spirits that lasted throughout the day. The team also enjoyed the presence of alumni that attended as volunteers! The day ended in high spirits with pictures down at the docks and a swim in the Susquehanna for a few people.


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