NY State Collegiate Championships

Posted by Binghamton Rowing on May 10 2018 at 05:57PM PDT in Spring 2018

This weekend Binghamton Rowing traveled to Lee Park in Saratoga Springs to compete in the New York State Collegiate Championships.
The first event of the day was the Women’s Collegiate Varsity Eights, in which the VW8+ complete the 2k course with a time of 08:47.317 in sixth place. This was followed by the Men’s Collegiate Varsity Eights in which the VM8+ boat came in fourth place with a time of 07:08.013. Both varsity eights went on to petit finals for their respective events. The VW8+ came in fourth place overall with a time of 09:12.015 and the VM8+ came out in first place of petit finals with a time of 07:30.990.
Next we had the Women’s Collegiate Varsity Fours, in which the VW4+A and VW4+B boats placed in first with a time of 08:38.800 and second place with at time of 08:42.058 respectively. Allowing both boats to qualify for grand finals. The VW4A+ came in third place, taking home a bronze medal with their time of 09:15.310, followed by the VW4+B in fourth place with a time of 09:42.329.
The Men’s Collegiate Varsity Fours event was next with the VM4+ completing the 2k sprint with a time of 07:28.700 in first place, leading them to grand finals. In grand finals, the Men’s Four came in second place, taking home a silver medal with their time of 07:40.080.
The following event was the Women’s Collegiate Novice Eights in which the novice women came in third place with a time of 08:42.633 that qualified them for grand finals. In grand finals, they came in sixth place with a time of 10:08.217.
The Men’s Novice Eight came in fourth place with a time of 08:40.041, leading them to petit finals. There, due to an error by the officials they were timed at 25:17.900. The officials disqualified the boat, before they’re race went off due to miscommunication.
This race marks the end of the season. Congrats to our Varsity Fours and best of luck next fall to our boats.


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