Welcome Back Binghamton Rowing!

Posted by Binghamton Rowing on Feb 06 2018 at 04:05PM PST in Spring 2018

Welcome Back Binghamton Rowing!

After a few weeks at home, we are ready to jump back into winter training. This is the time where we can be productive and keep ourselves in shape for a strong season ahead of us. First, we want to welcome all of our new novice members. Winter training can be tough, but if you stick through it with your teammates, it can all be worth it when you’re sitting at the catch in a boat, ready to pull through every stroke with your crew.

In addition, as we gear into the back-end of our land training days, I’d like to thank all of our wonderful alumni, parents, and families that help us throughout the entire year. Even while we are in the offseason, the love and support never stop flowing and the team would like to extend an enormous “_Thank You_”!

On that note, we have a ton of exciting races just ahead of us so be sure to mark those calendars as soon as those dates are added to our website! If you are dying to catch the team before then, be sure to check out our McKenna 5k race/walk coming up on March 24th.

Finally, congratulations to our new Executive Board! All seven of you now have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on this wonderful team. I hope to see great things from you in the coming weeks and after my stay here is over.

That’s all for now, see you in the spring!


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